Sand casting

Sand casting

Sand casting is suitable for larger cast products, with a weight of some tons.

Sand casting products are manufactured in both casting iron and casting steel. Sand casting is also suitable for non ferrous alloys.

Sand casting is a technique where liquid metal is cast in a shape in the sand. This shape is made using a 1:1 model of the cast. Each model consists of two model plates on which the cast including shrinking allowance is applied. This shrinking allowance is to compensate for the loss of volume during the cooling down process.

Because sand has a high temperature resistance, it is very suitable for materials with a high smelting temperature.

There are various quality levels in sand casting. There can be cast in black sand (rough surface), and in yellow sand (resin sand casting). The images display the sand casting process schematically.

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Sand casting LKL Staal

The tolerance rate in sandcasting (NEN EN ISO 8062-3) is in the range between DCTG9 and DCTG11.

Indications dimensional tolerances (click here to download as PDF) : 

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