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Manufacturing methods LKL Staal LLC

Metallurgical products are manufactured in various ways. A product can also be designed using various manufacturing methods. The best option depends on the application, the demands with regards to the surface finishing, pull strength, hardness and a lot more factors.

This is not easy. Since establishing in 1996, LKL Staal has specialised itself in the development, manufacturing and assembly of various metal products.

Some manufacturing methods:
- Lost wax casting
- Sand casting
- Aluminium high and low pressure casting
- Forging
- Welding
- CNC processing (finishing or processing from whole object) Both extern and under own management (LKL Wuxi, China)

Products are also assembled, tested and packaged under own management (LKL Wuxi, China), in compliance with customer specifications.

LKL Staal delivers various (complex) assemblies for its customers. For example, machine components (assemblies), drive systems (gearboxes), etc.

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